The museum of Samoa is a repository of knowledge about the Samoan material and intangible culture, and its environment

Museum of Samoa CULTURE THEME

The Culture theme display houses concepts of the fa’a Samoa and significant artifacts such as the first cabinet table and siapo donations. It also portrays the sports culture in Samoa. There will be more information on these pages regarding each artifact. Following are some of the artifacts displayed.

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Cabinet Table Display - Taulafoga
The 'taulafoga' is a traditional Samoan sport.

The siapo is another uniquely made samoan artifact. The making of the siapo is an ancient skill that is still being used by Samoa today. The Culture room houses some siapo that were gifted to the museum of Samoa.

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Wall Display - Siapo

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Wall Display

The tattoo in Samoa is a sacred art. Photos in the Culture room such as the framed one here show and depicts the legend of the tattoo and its importance to Samoa’s heritage.

Wooden Carvings

Wooden carvings replace the original stone made weapons.

These wooden carvings are commercially sold and are usual gifts for tourists or incoming travelers to the island

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Wall Display

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Wall Display

Museum of Samoa photo: Culture Theme Wall Display


The My Culture Project is a Photo Project aimed at getting people locally and overseas to write what they think Culture is to them. The purpose of the project is to define culture in so few words and with pictures.

We begin this year with the staff of the Culture Division of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture who were invited to lunch at the Museum on Wednesday 19th September 2012

Some of the photos are below:

Amela Silipa, Principal archives, Culture Division, MESC

Sala Delphina Lee, Principal of Culture Awareness

Jay Ainuu, Culture Division, MESC

Nanai Saolotoga, Principal Audio Visual Officer, Culture Division, MESC

Polani Pita, Culture Division, MESC

Vaveao Toa, Senior Archives Officer, Culture Division, MESC