The museum promotes the importance of preservation and conservation of the natural environment of Samoa to its people


As with many Pacific islands Samoa’s lush forests are home to many beautiful birds. To inspire the environmentalists, researchers and students alike and to act as an advocate for a healthy and persevering natural environment, the museum houses an Environment theme that not only speaks of facts but also of our subsistence way of life in the past which remains part of Samoan people’s lives today.

Some of the birds’ photos collected in the museum are those facing extinction or are already extinct. You will also see some displays about our old ways of fishing, the types of hooks used and the types of fish caught, to name a few collections. Shell-money from other islands and hunting weapons are also cased under the environment theme. There is a list of DVDs available for viewing during your visit. You may request these from the staff of the museum.
Samoa Bird Life 

Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
Framed Photo Wall Display  - Manutagi

Catalogue no: 0094

Title in Samoan: Manutagi 
English title : Crimson – crowned Fruit Dove 
Scientific name: (Ptilinopus porphyriaceus fasciatus)
Medium : framed photo

The manutagi feeds on ripe fruits, especially the fruits of Yliang-ylang. Its unique cooing call is the cause of the name manutagi – translated to “crying bird”.

Catalogue No: 0098

Title in Samoan: Tuli ( Tuli o Tagaloa)
English Title: Pacific Golden Plover 

Scientific Name: (Pluvialis dominica fulva)

The tuli is a migrating bird which comes to Samoa every year from Siberia or Alaska, where it breeds in the Northern summer. It can be seen in Samoa during the months of September through to May picking foods from the earth.

Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
Framed Photo Wall Display  - Tuli

Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
Framed Photo Wall Display  - Manusina

Catalogue No: 0097

Title in Samoan: Manusina
English Title: Common fairy Tern
Scientific Name: (Gygis alba)
Medium: framed photo

The fairy tern flies along the shores over the reefs of Samoa, and nests singly in trees laying a single egg directly on a branch.

Catalogue No: 

Title in Samoan: Manumea
English Title: Tooth-billed Pigeon
Scientific Name: (Didunculus strigirostris)

Description: The Manumea is the national bird of Samoa.

Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
Glass Display  - Manumea
Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
Poster  - Laumei
Catalogue No:

Medium: poster

Sharks and turtles were considered to be “I’a sa” or “sacred fish”. They had to be presented to the chiefs of the village. It was considered as a sacrilege if someone ate the shark secretly at home. Samoan legends also entail songs which attract sharks and turtles to certain areas of the shores.

Catalogue No:

Title in Samoan:
English Title: Whale head skeleton 

Recently, in Savaii, whales are washing to shore, and dying. Climate change tapes available for viewing in the museum help the visitor appreciate the deep sadness that exists today with sea life.

Museum of Samoa photo: Environment Theme
External Display  - Whale Head Skeleton