The museum serves to interpret, preserve and promote the material and intangible culture of Samoa and its neighboring island nations

Museum of Samoa PACIFIC THEME

The Pacific theme is a portrait of the history of Samoa dated back to the colonial years. The display also houses artifacts from other islands.

Museum of Samoa photo: Pacific Room Wall Display – PNG carving

Accession Number: 002

Title: National bird carving – Papua New Guinea

Ie toga from the ifoga by the family and village of Alatise Vitale for the murder of Luagalau L Kamu to Parliament and People of Samoa 1999.
Photo by: Savali Office
The Ifoga 

When a Samoan has inflicted great harm to the member of another family, the family of the offender will go to the family of the victim, to perform the ifoga – traditional ritual of asking for forgiveness. Covered with a fine mat, they will sit in front of the victim’s family. The people under the mat will wait patiently, sometimes sitting in the sun for many hours, until the mat is taken away and accepted as a sign of reconciliation. 

Museum of Samoa photo: Pacific Theme Glas Display Text Frame – Ie o le ifoga

Museum of Samoa photo: Pacific Theme Glass 5 Display  – Nauru Statuette

Accession number: 0013
Location: GD5PR2012

Title:  “Nguzunguzu” - Solomon Islands

This statue of the sea spirit “Nguzunguzu” is from the Western Provinces of the Solomon Islands.

Statues like this are placed on the brow of canoes to protect the crew, especially in times of war.

Accession number: 0009.2 a & 0009.b

Location: GD1PR2012

Title: Jewel Box

Maori made jewel box

Museum of Samoa photo: Pacific Theme Glass 1 Display  – Maori Carving

Museum of Samoa photo: 
Pacific Theme Glass 1 Display  – Northern Mariana Pearl Necklace
Accession number: 0010

Location: GD1.PR2012

Northern Mariana glass pearl necklace
obtained in a Pacific Arts Festival for the museum of Samoa.

Accession Number: 019-023

Location: GD2 PR2012

Silver ware from the German warships Adler and Eber

These are a reminder of the Great Hurricane that effectually stopped the war between the Three Great Powers and Samoans. The hurricane caused many soldiers aboard the warships to die. Samoans showed their mercifulness by striving to rescue their opponents. If not for the Samoan heroes, many would have died in the hurricane of 1889.

Museum of Samoa photo:
Pacific Theme G3 Display – Silverware from German warships

Museum of Samoa photo:
Pacific Theme Glass 1 Display – Norfolk Island ceramic plate

Accession number: 0008. PR2012

Title: Norfolk island plate

Medium: ceramic

From the people of Norfolk island on the occasion of the 7th Pacific Arts Festival

Accession number: 0016

Fine Mat

O le tausaga e 1930 na amata lalaga ai e Savaliolefilemu Liki Tiatia le ‘ie lenei o le malo. E tusa ai ma le aganu’u, ina ua tu’umalo le Savaliolefilemu ona tu’uina lea I le tama a lana tama O Va’asilifiti Moelagi Jackson na te lalagaina. Na toe fa’aauau le lalagaina o lenei ‘ie e Va’asilifiti I le afioaga o Avao I Savai’i. E o’o mai I le 1990, e l;e’I maea lava lenei ie ona tu’uina atu loa lea e Va’asilifiti I lona alo o Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson n ate lalagaina. O Lagipoiva na na fa’amae’aina le vaega na totoe o le ‘ie lenei a’o le’I taua’aoina atu I le Falemata’aga I ona foliga va’aia o iai nei, mo le fa’alaulioloaina o lenei galuega taua o le Aganu’u Samoa mo tagata e maimoa i ai.

This fine mat was started by Savaliolefilemu Liki Tiatia in Fagamalo, Savaii, in the 1930s. As is customary, upon her death it was passed onto her grand-daughter Va’asilifiti Moelagi Jackson. Va’asili then added to the weaving of the fine mat in the village of Avao in Savai’i. In the 1990’s, still half done and incomplete, Va’asili passed the fine mat to her daughter Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson. Lagipoiva wove the last part of the fine mat before loaning it to the museum in its current state, for people to appreciate the work involved in creating such a valued part of the Samoan culture.

Museum of Samoa photo:  
Pacific Theme Glass 2 Display – Ie o le malo; 

Museum of Samoa photo:  Pacific Theme Glass 1 Display – Ato lalaga

Accession number: 0012.a & b. GD1.PR2012

Title: Woven basket

Description: Pacific woven bag which is currently under research for its origin